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Introduction to Genealogy

Have you always wanted to trace your roots and learn more about your ancestors? Well, October is Family History Month and a great time to begin.

This three-session class is designed for the novice genealogists and will present basic family history research principles such as:

  • Where to begin
  • Genealogy terminology
  • Types of primary and secondary documents and their uses in family history research
  • What the federal census tells us and doesn’t tell us about our ancestors
  • How to validate and document family history discoveries
  • Interview techniques
  • Fundamentals of online research
  • A simple method of keeping your documents organized
  • How to create an ancestral and descendant chart
  • Various formats to preserve your family history for future generations to enjoy and learn from


Supplies needed include: a five-subject spiral notebook, pencil with an eraser, and 8 pocket folders- four folders of one color, three folders of

a second color, plus one neutral color folder.


Classes meet in Berg 401 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM on the Trinidad State Campus at 600 Prospect Street in Trinidad on October 6, 20, and 27.

Cost is $100.00 and includes all three class sessions.

Call Donna Haddow at TSJC 719-846-5541 to register.