Joel Mathews

Joel Mathews is an artisan, and a silversmith of over 20 years, presently living well in the mountains of Colorado. She shares, “I have always loved color, textures, precious gemstones and organic natural materials, which is what I work with. I have been a collector throughout my life of different eras of styles, the arts and crafts movement, native tribal, and modernism. I allow myself to be inspired by something that catches my eye, a shape, a stone, and then let it speak to me about how to create something of meaning and beauty with it. I am so excited to be able to pass along some of this knowledge, so that you can   perhaps enjoy this same medium or approach to art and the creative process. My inspiration continues to come from the natural world I live in, the pure beauty that surrounds me here, with the hope that my passion for creating will spark a flame in you and others. I enjoy teaching my artful crafts and place an emphasis on    ecology and the conscious love and respect of our Earthly home by being a Green   business. Most all of the stones I use are from old mines, many local or Colorado or the Southwest gems like natural turquoise.  I create one of a kind, fine sculptural jewelry, as well as production pieces, and many are designed from up-cycled and re-purposed lost and found items. My dedication to this is to help become more aware, to conserve our resources and hopefully help each other and the planet to stay more in balance.”

Joel Mathews
Star Heart Studios
11900 CR 23.2
Weston, CO  81091
(719) 868-3639